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The knowledge which comes from training, having the essential know-how, to carry out important tasks is essential to succeed in business and in a career.

IPSA has devised some of the best training available, and provides this to members at reduced costs.

One-to-One and Classroom-Style Training

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all One-to-One and Classroom-Style Training is suspended until further notice.

IPSA are developing training packages which can be delivered by video-conferencing and these will be rolled out shortly.  News about this can be found here, and will also emailed to all IPSA members.

On-Line Training

The courses available and the course descriptions and cost are:


Individuals that have to work alone can encounter many hazards throughout their working day. Through a little training, individuals can be better prepared to deal with situations that are unexpected and unusual. A fantastic interactive program for lone workers that will give them useful tools to deal with differing circumstances.  This e-learning course is broken down into the following 6 modules and normally takes about 2 hours to complete:

Module 1 – Working from home

Module 2 – Travelling to and from work

Module 3 – Lone worker colour coding, awareness, and dynamic risk assessment.

Module 4 – Dealing with aggressive people (conflict management)

Module 5 – Dealing with violence in the workplace (conflict management)

Module 6 – Duty of Care (Risk Assessment, SOS Protect and the Law)



Terrorism is unfortunately a real threat in today’s modern world and the impact on business, employees and members of the public can be huge. One way to help reduce these effects is through this terrorism awareness training program that can be completed and adopted by anyone.

The Terrorism Awareness course is broken down into three modules which allow you to firstly; understand terrorism, acknowledge the effects of terrorism and then finally how to deal with terrorism with a view of reducing the impact. The modules for this course are:


Module 1 – Introduction to Terrorism

  • History of terrorism
  • The modern threat


Module 2 – Effects of Terrorism

  • Terrorist tactics
  • Common terrorist targets
  • The effects of terrorism


Module 3 – Dealing with Terrorism

  • Identifying markers
  • Situational awareness
  • Recognizing suspicious activity
  • Contingency planning
  • Actions to reduce risk
  • Post incident considerations



Access control systems are a common feature of security and understanding their applications is important for those looking to develop their career. Those new to security and also individuals who have a little experience in the industry will all benefit from this program.


Module 1 – Introduction to Access Control

  • History
  • Types of access control systems
  • Types of threat
  • Aspects of access control


Module 2 – How Systems Work

  • Definition of access control
  • System make up
  • User access
  • Security portals
  • Types of locks
  • Access control panels
  • Central processing unit
  • Types of memory
  • Cabling requirements


Module 3 – Access Control Design

  • Designers vs Installers
  • Steps to design
  • Design rules
  • Understanding the client
  • Assessing the risk
  • Product capabilities
  • Drawings and diagrams



More people than ever travel to other countries whether for business or pleasure and some of these countries have heightened awareness to crime, disorder, and terrorism. The “Know Before You Go” program developed by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), is designed to aid individuals and/or groups when travelling. This promotes this awareness through this fully interactive e-learning course.  This best practice guide will take you through every step of your journey from start to finish and will develop your awareness of situations that could arise and responses to each should they occur.


This E-Training Online travel security course is broken down into the following 6 modules and normally takes about 2 hours to complete:


Module 1 – Introduction

  • Discusses why, what, when and where travel security is needed.


Module 2 – Journey Management

  • Discusses the reason and permissions for travel if required, things to consider before you go, cultural awareness and specific do’s and don’ts to be aware of and lastly how to travel by air safely.


Module 3 – Security

  • Focuses on security at the hotel, out and about which we have titled “Be your own Bodyguard” and transport security.

Module 4 – Awareness

  • Focuses on your awareness to such situations as terrorism, surveillance, and your basic situational awareness.


Module 5 – Management

  • Discusses how to best manage incidents and also covers communications and navigation



Module 6 – Evacuation

  • Discusses crisis management and evacuation strategies and equipment.


Course Bookings and Costs


To book an online training course, simply download the booking form and follow the instructions.  Download the form by clicking HERE


The cost per participant per course is:

£70 (UK) for IPSA embers or staff of a corporate IPSA member; or

£150 (UK) for non-IPSA members.


Course costs are in pounds UK, and are conducted in English.  Courses in other languages are being developed based on demand.

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