Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

I confirm that I am over the age of 18

I hereby apply to become an individual member of the International Professional Security Association (IPSA)

That to the best of your knowledge, the information I have provided on this application form is complete and correct, and understand that misrepresentation of the facts provided, or failure to disclose a relevant matter, may be deemed grounds for terminating this application and your membership will cease.

I authorise IPSA to carry out further due diligence as required to confirm identity and legitimacy

I agree to be bound by the Association’s Constitution and Rules and accept the IPSA Ethical Code of Conduct available upon request at

I understand that personal data I have provided will be processed, used and retained by IPSA and our approved 3rd party providers for providing marketing materials that we feel would be of interest and relevance to you. Personal data such a health wellbeing or incident reporting will be anonymised and will not be identifiable to your individual application.

The information requested on this form, together with any other information you have provided in support of this application, may be used to process your membership.

IPSA membership status is conditional upon satisfactory security screening as determined from time to time by IPSA. All documents provided with this form, will be retained and held

The Association has the right to refuse or defer any application without assigning any reason.

As an IPSA member you will be entitled to use the post nominals – M.IPSA after your name and agree to represent IPSA professionally at all times

IPSA cannot be held responsible for network failures, communication failures or other factors affecting the availability of the website and / or app

There are no voting rights with individual or company memberships associated with IPSA membership