Rapid Security Services

Rapid Security Services

Rapid Security Services Limited We are a total security provider based in London, however, through a strategically located office network, we can extend our operational coverage and capabilities across the UK. Our core services are:

  • Guarding in any environment
  • Events
  • Cleaning Services
  • Key Holding, Alarm Response
  • Lock and Unlocks
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Vacant Property Inspections
  • Specialist in Total Solutions through a carefully chosen partner network of experts.

Origins We have been trading since 2018 but in 2023 the company changed significantly with new owner and new enthusiasm. We now strive to provide a full comprehensive service to our clients. We now have offices in London, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow allowing us to quickly mobilise resources to cover any request. We pride ourselves on being able to meet requests quickly wherever they are requested. We are a member of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme and have a British Standard Institute Member in a senior role to ensure we are constantly up to date on our industry requirements and ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance. Our senior management team has over 80 years of industry experience which ensures we are able to meet any request and present viable cost-effective solutions to our clients. If we cannot do it or you do not need it, we will not sell it to you! In the last year, we have developed key relationships and seen our influence and brand grow. We have extensive connections within our industry and are known as a company that CAN!

How we operate We have no time for seniority or status within Rapid Security. We are all involved in our daily business and any one of us can take the lead on projects and create solutions. We continue to focus on our staff as they are the core of our business. In return, we can continuously offer solutions around the country and as a result, our clients receive the services they expect, and more… With our network of known and trusted partners, areas outside of our core expertise such as CCTV Towers and temporary alarm systems are dealt with quickly and easily. These partners are selected because of their unique expertise and business methodology. Rapid Security Services Ltd is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, focusing on:

  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • providing clear reporting and communication, reducing unnecessary administration, and saving time
  • Monitor and control the cost of service to clients so they constantly receive the best value for money!
  • invest in staff to ensure they get the benefit of our success and remain with us on our growth journey.
  • Continue to ensure our accreditations are up to date and relevant to the industry we operate within

Rapid Security Services Ltd are proud to provide our services to a wide variety of clients from local authorities, blue chip companies and smaller niche businesses. There is not a company or security problem with which we cannot assist.

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