Staff Screening – Guidance

What is screening about?

Employing individuals in your business introduces an element of risk. By screening (also known as “vetting”) potential employees you can minimise the risk by identifying individuals who may take advantage of the employment for their own personal gain.

There is an established best practice procedure “British Standard 7858:2012 Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment – Code of practice” published by the British Standards Institution and which is used by many businesses as part of their recruitment procedures.

Successful screening to BS 7858 of candidates is also generally a pre requisite of insurance policies for security companies.

Where does a company start?

You can either have the screening done in-house by your HR department / person or you can choose to outsource the procedure to a specialist external company.

What is involved?

The screening process is confirming that the applicant is who they say they are and looking at the applicant’s recent history, looking for indications of dishonesty.

The process includes:

  • Verification of identity
  • Checking recent employer references, including checking gaps in case there is an employer not being mentioned
  • Criminal records check (a valid SIA licence can be used for this purpose)
  • Checks for any fraudulent behaviour
  • Character reference
  • Publicly available financial information checks, e.g. County Court Judgements

In-house screening

BS 7858 requires that the persons conducting the screening must receive suitable training. IPSA can assist, as we run regular courses (see the bottom of the page for details of the next course) or we can provide training at your premises.

Outsourced screening

There are various advantages of outsourcing screening for both small and large businesses, e.g. controlling costs, maintaining trained staff, ensuring compliance, meeting deadlines and concentrating on your core business. It is essential when selecting a screening provider that you can be certain that they are fully compliant with the required standard.

Listed below are IPSA member companies which provide outsourced screening:

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