Protect and Secure book review, Jane Farrell, Chairman

 Following the issue of our last newsletter I went over to our Holborn office to collect the post and was pleasantly surprised to find a package containing a book written by one of our long-standing members Brian Samways. Brian wrote a lovely letter asking if I would review his book, Protect & Secure. This book is about Brian’s 30 years in the contract security industry 1980 – 2010 highlighting how the world of security has changed over the decades


Brian starts the book with an account of his time spent in Hong Kong as Royal Military Police Warrant Officer in charge of special investigations in Kowloon. He could have stayed in the army but chose to return to Dorset with his wife and sons where he ventured into private security. Throughout the book Brian mentions the importance of taking care of his family and works hard to enable them to have a stable home in Dorset while he commuted all around the country often staying away from home. Brian refers to how the guarding sector received far less attention than policing and highlights the importance of both BSIA and IPSA

Brian applied for membership of the Industrial Police and Security Association (IPSA), whose membership was aimed at those persons directly employed in the security industry and was open to serving police officers and members of the Armed Forces relative law enforcement agencies. IPSA was formed in 1958 as the result of the coming together of several likeminded ex-Metropolitan Crime Prevention officers, who on retirement from the force, took up employment in security management positions with large companies. The original objective of IPSA was to share information and crime intelligence for the benefit and protection of their respective companies and to enhance the security of their commercial premises.

It quickly became apparent that these objectives were far too limited and they needed to be extended to include set standards for the recruitment, vetting and training of security staff and a strict code of conduct for the industry to adhere to

By 1970s the Association had grown and its individual membership was in the hundreds. Today we have a worldwide membership


In the 1980s, both the Association and the Institute underwent a change of name but retained the same acronyms – The International Professional Security Association as it is known today. There is lots of information about IPSA throughout the book


Going back to Brian, when he returned from Hong Kong, he took up a position with Concorde Armoured Services where he worked with many clients, grew the cash in transit business and worked on his own development to seek fellowship of the Security Institute.


Brian moves on from Concorde to Sunlight Security Services where he describes all the relationships he builds, the lunches, dinners and eventually redundancies. He himself suffered redundancy from Sunlight Security Services.

Brian moves into Paramount where he describes how he takes many of his clients with him, builds further relationships and we hear of some betrayal throughout this chapter. Eventually Brian puts plans together to set up his own company Kestrel Guards who are still IPSA members today


I found Protect & Secure a fascinating read which is a must for any new or longstanding members to read. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your 30 years experiences


The book is available from Amazon, published 2016 by Forces & Corporate Publishing ISBN 9780-9574725-6-3

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