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ProtectED Advisory Board Meeting – 8th June 2018, University of Salford

Diane Gleeson, one of younger members represented us at the ProtectED Advisory Board Meeting on 8th June 2018.

As one of the supporting stakeholders, IPSA are invited to attend bi-annual ProtectED advisory board meetings, which are held at the University of Salford. The most recent was held on 8th June 2018, where IPSA member Diane Gleeson volunteered to represent chair Jane Farrell amongst other key stakeholders such as the SIA, British Council and AUCSO. The meeting was also attended by ProtectED’s patron Baroness Ruth Henig.

July - IPSA at ProtectED

IPSA member Diane Gleeson [far right] with ProtectED Advisory Board stakeholders

ProtectED aims to raise performance standards and reduce fragmentation cross the higher education sector, with a view to benefiting not only students, but all those with an interest in safety, security and wellbeing – including staff, higher education stakeholders and students’ parents and loved ones. ProtectED accreditation ensures institutions provide the services and structures that enable students to avoid issues and focus on their personal success stories.

The meeting began with an update of all current communications and disseminations around ProtectED, namely blogs around the topics of life after university and mental health. Writers included guest blogs from DrinkAware and Student Mind and the website also features articles from current students. The board continued to discuss the overarching progress of the scheme and reviewed the development of training. The meeting concluded with an introduction to the fifth instrument in ProtectED’s strategy to work alongside i1, i2, i3 and i4.

Here is what Diane had to say about the day:

“I thoroughly enjoyed representing IPSA at the advisory board meeting and I’m happy I volunteered to attend – it took me out of my comfort zone as I have never attended a senior meeting before. It introduced me to the ProtectED scheme in much more detail and enabled me to meet a group of passionate individuals working to better the lives of students across the UK. I’d highly recommend other IPSA members to volunteer to do similar in the future!”

Security Commonwealth at IFSEC 2018

Whist IPSA didn’t have our usual stand at IFSEC this year, we were supporting The Security Commonwealth.
IPSA is pleased to be a member of The Security Commonwealth and support the first presentation to be delivered as a collective Association at IFSEC 2018. The Security Commonwealth is an umbrella organisation made up of about 40 membership bodies within the security industry. I was joined at IFSEC by James Henderson, a longstanding IPSA member and Tony Rumgay to listen to the Security Commonwealth presentation. The discussion topic was on the technical, personnel and design considerations in protecting “Grey Spaces”.

Grey space is the term used to label the undefended areas between security protected zones. In a grey space, a criminal or terrorist can prepare for their attack feeling unobserved, safe and with a low risk of identification. Recent attacks that have been initiated in grey spaces include Manchester Arena, Westminster Bridge and Borough Market.

Research has shown that all recent terrorist attacks and criminal attacks are initiated in the undefended “grey spaces” between security protected zones. How can security design, security personnel and technology help to turn grey spaces into defendable spaces to create a perception of risk for the perpetrator planning an attack
In the Security Commonwealth’s keynote discussion the speakers looked at how you create a perception of risk for the perpetrator planning an attack. A very interesting discussion which facilitated by BBC Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner and was delivered by the following speakers:

  • Nick Aldworth, Chief Superintendent, National Coordinator, Protect and Prepare, Metropolitan Police, National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
  • Chris Aldous, Director, Design Security Ltd
  • Simon Whitehouse, Director, The Security Institute

July - IPSA at IFSEC

ST18 Conference in Harrogate

Jane Farrell and Mark Death represented IPSA at Professional Security Magazine, Security 2018 Conference and exhibition at Harrogate. It was a great event with many exhibitors and speakers which also raised £1,550 for the nominated charity, the Rainbow Fund.

July - IPSA at ST18

Speakers included Elizabeth France, CBE – Security Industry Authority who presented an update on behalf of the SIA, click here to read the full update.

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