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Everybody needs a competitive edge, whether it is for your company or yourself as an individual. Companies need to demonstrate to clients that they can offer a better quality of service; Individuals need to have the advantage of additional knowledge whether to improve competence or with the aim of an improved career path.

The International Professional Security Association is uniquely an “Association” for the whole security industry.

Founded in 1958 as the Industrial Police Association, later becoming the Industrial Police and Security Association, it quickly became established as the leading professional body for security personnel. Later in response to developments in the industry the name changed to the International Professional Security Association.

However, the ideals of the Association have remained largely unchanged, namely, to enhance professionalism in the security industry and to do so with no trade union or political affiliations or aspirations.

For several decades before the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and the introduction of licensing and regulation, IPSA led the way in raising the level of professionalism and improving the overall quality of training available to the manned services sector. As the industry has changed, IPSA has ensured that its members, be they corporate or individual, have remained in the forefront of those developments.

Membership is available to any individual or company working in or associated with the Security Industry. Our aim is to improve the status of our members, by providing opportunities for training and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience. We seek to promote high professional standards by all IPSA members through observance of the Ethical Code and the Code of Conduct.

The Association promotes and encourages discussion, study and research on all aspects of security and collates and disseminates information and literature for the benefit of its members. It also provides access to training in a wide range of security subjects and holds seminars on matters of topical interest.

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