The Application Process

You can either apply for membership online or membership forms can be downloaded from the this link or requested from the Association office. Payment of the appropriate joining fee and first year’s membership payment should be made at the time of application. Details of fees are included in this pack and are also listed on the website.

Individual Membership is started by submission of an application form and payment of the required fee. The Association will then process the form and check references. Subject to approval, membership is acknowledged and the individual will receive a membership card and/or certificate bearing an individual membership number.

Company Membership is started by submission of an application form, including details of the directors or business owners, and various documents as listed in the application form, i.e. copies of accounts, insurance details, together with full payment of the required fees.

The Association will then process the form, confirm details of the business with external agencies and check references.
Companies are expected to provide evidence of compliance with relevant industry standards. For UK companies the certification of compliance with relevant British Standards must be issued by a UKAS accredited certification body.

Suitable evidence of compliance with British Standards:

  • SSAIB Static guarding service and mobile patrol
  • NSI Silver or NSI Gold
  • SIA Approved Contractor Scheme
  • Inspection of compliance with relevant British Standards by a UKAS accredited certification body (if part of an ISO 9001 certification, British Standards must be specifically listed).

New companies are able to apply for Probationary Membership and must be able to demonstrate that they are working towards full compliance with relevant standards.

All company applications, are subject to approval by the International Council.

Company Membership will not be granted until all inspection and administrative formalities have been completed. Following this, a Certificate showing Membership will be issued. Certificates are valid for 12 months at which point they become due for renewal.

Although certificates expire 12 months after membership is granted or renewed, a concession is made to allow for the use of the IPSA logo for a period not exceeding two months beyond the renewal date. This enables companies to operate pending their annual inspection and issue of a new certificate. The use of an IPSA Logo in breach of these conditions could result in legal action being taken against the offending Organisation and / or loss of IPSA membership.

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