IPSA Sections

IPSA has a number of Sections, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the security industry.


These sections act as knowledge-hubs where thought-leaders and subject matter experts come together with security providers to discuss issues which faces the industry, future developments and how to share best practice.


These are nothing less than global forums where we meet and discuss what is important to us, and share our knowledge around the globe with each other.


The Sections which are currently active are:


Facilities Management Section

Dealing with the challenges of integrating services across a wide range of FM functions without diminishing the quality of security provision.


International Security Section

Comparing notes from around the world to establish how international best practice can be, and where it must vary from place to place.


Manned Guarding Security

Helping IPSA members deal with the issues arising when you provide this core security service in all it forms around the world.


Maritime Security Section

Whether it is security at sea, or when in port, this section looks at and share ideas from around the world to make maritime security better.


Policing & Community Engagement Section

This sections considers how the security industry can not simply work with the police, but how it can engage with the community, to provide holistic law enforcement and community solutions.


Risk Management & Travel Security Section

Travelling around the world can be dangerous place and in this section, best practice is shared between IPSA members.


Systems & Technology Section

How to get the best out of your investment in technology, what is available on the market, what is known to work and not.  Subject matter experts share their knowledge with IPSA members.


Cyber Security

IPSA are currently looking for a Cyber Security expert who is able to commit the time to be Section Chairman of this important sector of the security industry.  If you would like to take on this important role, please contact IPSA’s Chairman.

Please Note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all Section Meetings are now being conducted using video conferencing.


IPSA foresees how using this technology will improve communications for our global membership.  We are investigating how to make this the “new normal” way of running Section Meetings, and how best to take into account time differences.


Due to the global nature of IPSA, the working language for all meetings is English.

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