IPSA and Major Events International Strengthen Partnership

The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) and Major Events International (MEI) who run the only global community for companies seeking to win business in major events have signed a partnership agreement that outlines reciprocal membership arrangements.

This agreement will strengthen the longstanding relationship between IPSA and MEI in which IPSA is a member of MEI’s Safety, Security & Resilience Steering Committee. The Committee meets biannually and is made up of key government agencies, trade associations and sector experts from across the industry. This partnership signifies IPSA’s focus in helping its members internationalise their business and gain contracts in the iconic major sporting events market using MEI’s expertise, and will strengthen the reach of the Safety, Security & Resilience group within MEI’s membership scheme.

As part of the renewed partnership, IPSA and MEI will seek to work together to provide mutual benefit for their members. This will include collaboration on events, information exchange and access to key industry conferences and expos. Members of IPSA will receive a 20% discount on MEI’s specialised membership scheme which delivers international market profile, access to decision makers and events and networking opportunities. Additionally, our own newsletters will keep you up to date with new major events opportunities they identify and IPSA members will get access to MEI’s quarterly Digest.

Commenting on the partnership, Dennis Mills, CEO of Major Events International said, “We are delighted to work more closely with IPSA and are looking forward to working with your members to help them achieve their business objectives. By extending the breadth and depth of our professional membership base, this enhances the “single point of contact” approach for international customers to reach member expertise.”

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