International Section – Update for Section Chairman, Simon Pears

Following the recent sad events in New Zealand, security continues to make the headlines around the world, and the ongoing question, about how do we remain safe with the changing threats, not to mention the exploitation of social media and the role that they can play in monitoring and publicising this behavior. The concern remains, for every event that reaches the headlines, there are hundreds more that happen where no airtime or headlines are given. For those in the security community, it is our role to continue to work towards keeping our environments safe, sharing best practice, making sure our front-line teams have the training, the equipment and the confidence to respond when needed. In the last edition, I encouraged international members to reach out so that we can share and network.


Unfortunately, I have had limited response, so this may indicate that IPSA is already fulfilling your requirements and if so great!  But for those are may need another reminder, you can connect with me at and share the good news stories from around your region, so we can share with the wider community

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