35th East – West International Security Conference held in Genoa

Delegates from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania and Azerbaijan attended the 35th East-West International Security Conference organised by Capricorn Conferences and Exhibitions on 5th and 6th June 2017 at the Melia Genoa Hotel in Genoa, Italy.

During two intensive days presentations by speakers from the UK, Italy, USA and Russia dealt with a wide range of topical subjects with simultaneous translation in English and Russian.

High on the agenda were the global concerns of terrorism and cyber crime and counter measures that businesses must take to deal with threats and incidents so as to safeguard personnel and assets and ensure business continuity under challenging circumstances. These were highlighted by the recent incidents of terrorism in London and Paris and cyber attacks disabling the National Health Service and other facilities and consequential interruption of normal services and businesses occurring collaterally around the location of serious incidents.

Global trends in the further integration of security technology and solutions were explored with the growing movement from stand alone to integrated systems, exponential development of the internet of things applications and powerful yet vulnerable hand held devices capable of performing more functions but at the same time open to hacking attacks unless protected by near military grade encryption. Converged security information systems were described as now applied in large scale applications to create smart cities and businesses using the latest biometrics, facial recognition and video analytics that offer management and security solutions that are more efficient and cost effective..

Aspects of intelligence gathering with regard to sources of financing of terrorism and the challenge of self financed lone actor terrorism detection were reported upon. Current best practice in providing protection of VIPs and staff operating or travelling in places of conflict also featured in the programme.

The widespread incidence of fraud and how to combat it included guidance on the exercise of due diligence and investigations conducted in multiple jurisdictions. Trends identified included increasing automation of banking services. growing use of crowd funding that is open to abuse, and payment by mobile devices, all making control and transaction tracing more difficult

The importance of ensuring that cyber protection is embedded in all organisations and managed from Board level down was emphasised by reference to the recent wave of cyber attacks against critical national infrastructures and governments as well as commercial and transport operations. Delegates were urged to ensure that cyber security awareness and protective measures were understood at every level in their organisations and effectively implemented.

The new EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy embracing both foreign and internal security was discussed with details of some recent joint investigation and enforcement operations conducted by Europol, Member States and Non-EU partners, successfully disrupting high level organised crime syndicates involved in human trafficking, child exploitation, fraud, counterfeiting and other cross border and international crimes.

The East West International Security Conferences are promoted by Capricorn Exhibitions and Conferences in cooperation IPSA to promote understanding and exchange ideas and information between those engaged in managing security in public and private sector organisations in United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and other countries in Eastern Europe.

For details of the 2017 Conference schedule and further information please visit www.cecexhibitions.com

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